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Anatomy of a Knife: Serrated or Non-Serrated?

To serrate or not to serrate, that is the question.

Seriously, that is the questionWhy do would you need (or want) a partially or fully-serrated knife blade?

  • Serrated – Great for pull cuts when you need the blade to bite into a tough or hard item that needs to be cut. Or to saw through material.
  • Partial-Serration – Gives you a functional combination of both blade styles.
  • Plain Blade – Great for push cuts like when you’re shaving something and slicing or cutting most items.

For example, you wouldn’t skin a deer with a serrated blade. Nor would you use a serrated blade for batoning. However, you could use a serrated blade to cut a seat belt or saw through thick marine rope.

So, consider what you intend to use the knife for.

Also, consider that a serrated blade (especially a fully serrated blade) is more difficult to sharpen. I’m not that great at doing it so I have to rely on a cutlery shop – definitely not a good situation to be in when the zombie apocalypse happens! (Joking!)

For a camping knife, you’ll be fine going with either type and perhaps a partially-serrated blade will be best.

For a survival knife, I’d stick with a plain blade for ease of sharpening and not having to worry about chipping the serrations.

What do I use?

I carry a small, pocket-sized folding knife, the CRKT M16-10KZ, which has partial serration. But my main knife is a SOG NW Ranger which is a plain blade knife. I use my CRKT quite a bit but I’ve rarely needed the serration, once in a while to cut tough rope or saw through rough material. Although it’s rarely need, knowing that I have a partially serrated blade on hand is nice.

I lean toward plain blades for my main “working” knife.

What do you think about serrated blades? Leave a comment below.

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