Knife Grading System

Knife Grading System The system we use for knife grading & describing a knife’s condition is the following taken from IBCA Price Guide to Antique Knives. Because Mr. Voyles book is for old knives only we have added one more category to the following system for “New” current knives.

Single Blade or Multi-Blade Pocket Knives?

One of the first choices you will have to make is how many blades you want on your new pocket knife.  For many people, one blade is all they need.  While others prefer to have a several options to choose from.  And if you ask anyone who has a pocket knife you’ll get a wide range of opinions on which one is better.  Single-blade or multi-blade pocket knives, we’ll take a look at the options a littl...

Types of steel used for knife blades

Knife Steel 17-7 PH – Is an Alloy made of Chromium, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel. It has great Corrosion resistance but is harder to Sharpen due to the high Chromium content. It holds great Edge retention and does very well around water. High Corrosion resistance typically means it has a high Chromium content.

Camping Knife Comparison Guide

Camping Knife Blade Length (inches) Overall Length (inches) Weight (ounces) Blade Material Price KA-BAR Knife 7 11 7/8 11.2 1095 Cro-Van $ Benchmade 580/583 Barrage 3.6 8.75 (open) 4.2 154CM Stainless Steel $$$ SE KHK6320 3 7 7.2 Stainless Steel $ Benchmade 915 Triage 3.5 4.7 (closed) 5.1 BK coated N680 stainless steel $$$ Buck FlashPoint 2.875 4.5 (closed) 4 420HC stainless steel $ Gerber 22-4158...

Benchmade knives

Benchmade was founded back in 1979 by Roberta and Les de Asis in California. They gear their products towards many niche markets such as Law-Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Martial-Arts, Sporting Cutlery, and Military. Over the years, Benchmade has collaborated with numerous custom Knife makers to create some pretty amazing Knives. The History Of Benchmade Back in 1979 Benchmade got its start know...



CAS Viper Carnera Tactical Knife Review

Today, the names Hanwei and Paul Chen (its founder), engender an image of fine functional swords and historical weaponry. Based in Dalian, China, Hanwei manages to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern tooling and metallurgy, in a way that enables it to supply a world-wide market while meeting or exceeding the quality of custom-made products. Paul Chen grew up in Taiwan where, as a young m...


The Entrek Batanga Camp Knife Review

Ray Ennis made his first knife by cold forging it and then filling it to shape from a barn spike. Then, in 1973, he officially became a professional knifesmith when he made his first custom knife from the leaf spring of a vehicle and sold for $10.00. Today, he has an extensive line of custom quality knives that are produced by his company Entrek USA.   The Entrek Batanga is a dedicated choppi...



The Ontario Knife Company Spec Plus Gen II #SP45 Golok Machete Review

Ontario Knife Company is a venerable, old, and well known knife company that was founded in Naples, New York, in 1889 by three men, William B. Ensworth, Charles Albert Brace and William Maudsley, who derived the name of the company from Ontario County where Naples lived. Their early knives were hand-manufactured on a water-powered grindstone and sold tinker-style from a pushcart throughout the nei...



The Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife Review

hrKershaw was founded in 1974 to design and manufacture tools that knife users would be proud to own, carry, and use. This has meant that every Kershaw knife must be of the highest quality. Whether it’s a hardworking pocketknife, a special collectors’ edition, or a precision kitchen knife, Kershaw always chooses appropriate, high-quality materials and is dedicated to intensive craftsmanship. Along...



Smith & Wesson knives CKSUR1 Bullseye Search and Rescue Fixed Blade Survival Knife Review

Smith & Wesson is a remarkable name for self-defense tools. Quality and trust is the synonym of this weapon and gear giant. The bullseye search and rescue is one of the best knives and outstanding performers from Smith & Wesson knives product line. This is a great knife for- Outdoor survival Camping Rescue Hunting General specifications Overall length 10.50” Blade length 5.88” Handle lengt...



SOG specialty knives and tools Seal Pup Elite Survival Knife Review

SOG’s root was started in Vietnam where a highly trained US special commando unit carried a custom combat knife on secret missions. This unit was known as MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group) and its existence was once entirely denied by the US Government. Several years later, that special knife encouraged a knife designer; Spencer Frazer to found SOG Sp...

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