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Buck Knives is company based in San Diego California at Post Falls, Idaho. It has a long standing history of manufacturing top quality knives for over 5 generations. They specialize in manufacture of field and sport knives and the invention of the “folding hunting knife” is attributed to this company. Hence the reference of folding knives as “buck knives”, by majority of people: the two names buck knife and folding knife are used synonymously.

Buck Knives

This company has been in operation for over 100 years. The first knives of this company were made by Hoyt H. Buck, who was a blacksmith apprentice in Kansas from 1899 when he was 10 years old. He learned a lot on how to make knives till 1902 when he was 13 year old, when he invented a method of heat-treating steel into hoes among other tools which made them hold on edge for longer. Hoyt then left Kansas in the year 1907 and went to American northwest and finally enlisted himself into the United States Navy.

The next history of him making knives in 1941 in Mountain Home, Idaho after the time following Pearl Harbor attack. He made knives with his own hands, using only worn-out file blades. It only until when USA joined up WW2 and there was knives shortage for the military use, when Hoyt bought an anvil, grinder and forge and established a blacksmith shop in the church’s basement and he made knives for the US troops. After the war, Hoyt and Al his son relocated to San Diego where they set up the “H.H Buck & Son” in 1947. The company began making large scale knives in 1950.

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