Knife Grading System

Knife Grading System The system we use for knife grading & describing a knife’s condition is the following taken from IBCA Price Guide to Antique Knives. Because Mr. Voyles book is for old knives only we have added one more category to the following system for “New” current knives.

Knife History

The Knife —  One of Man’s Oldest Tools The Knife is an amazing tool-an ancient tool for which there has been no substitute. Throughout history, knives have been essential for survival, as well as for providing food and shelter. From its earliest form, the knife developed out of necessity, and its evolution may be traced through the paths of technology. During the Stone Age, knives were made of fli...

Anatomy of a Knife: Serrated or Non-Serrated?

To serrate or not to serrate, that is the question. Seriously, that is the question. Why do would you need (or want) a partially or fully-serrated knife blade?

Knife Care and Maintenance Tips

If you’re spending good money on a knife, you want it to last. While stainless steel is nice, it can build up a false sense of invulnerability. Even the best knives can succumb to corrosion over time. Not to mention normal wear and tear.

Anatomy of a Knife: What is the Blade Material?

Nearly every knife blade is made of some variation of steel and they’re nearly all stainless steel. However, there are some differences in the quality of steel used for knife blades.

How to Choose the Best Survival Knife : 9 things to consider

What is a Survival Knife? Survival knife is a special kind of knife which is widely used by campers, hunters, military and survival experts. A survival knife is much more sharp, durable, strong, effective and long lasting than an ordinary home or chef’s knife. The military, Hunters and campers use this kind of knives for multiple kinds of tasks like chopping woods, cutting trees to clear their way...

Multipurpose Pocket Survival Tool

Probably many of you came across this thing on different sites or you already purchased the Multipurpose Pocket Survival Tool – attracted by the affordability, simplicity and small size. Compared with the Tool Logic Survival Card, it is, admittedly, very cheap (2 bucks). But better let us see what is behind this fancy name. If it’s the first time you see it, it shows like this:   If you are l...

The Best Knife Depends On Your Situation

Finding the best survival knife means accessing every possible situation and buying the right knife for the jobs you’ll be doing.  If you already have the best pocket knife for the little jobs you’ll have to choose among the best knives for a fixed blade and multi-tool, two items essential in most survival situations.

Survival Knife vs Camping Knife

This is a question that comes up a lot. Many people wonder if the term camping knife and survival knife are interchangeable. I believe they are different types of knives entirely although one can be used for the other in necessary.