Setting a jewel in a knife

Since the question has come up of how I put my signature ruby in the ricasso of my blades, I will try to address it here. I use what is called “presets.” They are genuine rubies, although made in a lab rather than occurring naturally. They are set in a 14K gold bezel that is split on one side, allowing it to be compressed slightly and giving it a spring effect like a cylinder liner. Be...

10 Unknown Facts about Knives You Had No Idea Of

Not all knives have to be Sharpened While there are some claims that not all knives require sharpening, however, the reality of the fact is that over the time with constant use, just like any other tool, a knife also needs to be sharpened. While there are claims made by a few manufacturers that the knives made by their company do not require the extra touch however that is not the case. To maintai...

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