Cold Steel Leatherneck SF Survival Knife Review

By Desin & Utility Reviews


In 1776, Congress asked all US Marines to put on a thick, tall leather collar named “Leatherneck”. It has two reasons. This leatherneck protects one’s neck from blades and cutlass blows, and it also makes a Marine to keep his head up straight, demonstrate the military posture that was trendy at the time. To pay honor and respect to Marines for their sacrifice and bravery, Cold Steel knives has produced the Leatherneck series of battle and best survival knives.

Cold steel leatherneck SF survival knife is perfect for-

  • Outdoor survival
  • Camping
  • Hunting

General specifications

  • Overall length 11.75”
  • Blade length 6.75”
  • Handle length 5”
  • Blade thickness 4.75 mm
  • Weight 10.4 ounce
  • Saber ground clip point 4116 stainless steel blade
  • Steel finger guard
  • Steel pommel
  • Secure-ex sheath


  • Well balanced
  • Very sharp blade and easy to hone
  • Very sturdy Secure-Ex sheath with fully detachable belt loop
  • Much comfortable to carry
  • Comfortable rubber handle
  • Tough and solid pommel
  • Very strong and good price


  • Does not have a full flat grind
  • Not USA made

Quality and usability

I am very much happy that finally I got a great survival and outdoor knife for my next camping. This is one of the best knives I have ever used and I highly recommend this knife to anyone looking for a high quality and reasonably priced knife for outdoor camping and hunting. I can’t say much about the tactical capability of this knife but I obviously can say that this is really a good survival knife which is perfect for any kind of survival situations. After a long period of analysis and study, I found the 4116 stainless very tough and durable which is perfect for a survival knife. The knife has a good weight which makes the knife comfortable and using the knife is a pleasure. The weight also tells you that this is a powerful, deadly knife and no toy.

The handle is just good and you can’t find a comfortable handle like this all time. The rubber finish provides a great grip and comfortable feel. Double quillions are turned forward which provides excellent safety and protection of the fingers. Five inch long Kray-Ex handle will  fit nicely in any average hand. The handle is made from deeply checkered Kraton and completely enfolds the knives’ extra extensive, full tang and offers supreme gripping control.

The pommel is steel made and strong enough for hammering. The thick and strong machined steel butt cap is able to deliver wonderful blows and not a cheap thing.

Another great feature of this knife is its extremely well made secure-ex sheath. This is an exceptionally durable and just amazing sheath for a $50 survival knife. You can easily attach it with the belt loop. You will really love this sheath.

The cold steel leatherneck SF is almost a perfect survival knife. This will be a great choice for those who are looking for an all around survival knife for a reasonable price.



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