Fallkniven Knives: Swedish Design and Quality

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Fallkniven Knives: Swedish Design and Quality

Fallkniven Knives refers to knives manufactured by Fallkniven AB Company. Fallkniven AB is a Swedish-based company known for making knives and other knife-related products. This company was founded in 1984 by one Peter Hjorberger. It started by importing foreign made knives, and it is until 1987 that it began designing and making its own knives.

Fallkniven has been the supplying the Swedish military and outdoor activities with knives. To attest to this, all Swedish Air Force pilots are always given the Fallkniven model F1 survival knife as their official military knives since the beginning of 1995. The Fallkniven A1 model is also a well known, classic survival knife.

Fallkniven makes various types of knives specifically suitable for outdoor activities and hunting. When it comes to the actual manufacturing of their products, majority if not all of their knives are manufactured by subcontractors. For instance the ATS34 steel F1 knives were made by Linder-Solingen in Germany. However this production has since been moved to Germany when Fallkniven replaced their ATS34 steel with another VG-10 steel.

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