Five Best Camping Axes with Sheath for Safe and Efficient Cutting Outdoors

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Camping tools are some important things to bring when you’re going outdoors. These are different from your ordinary tools regarding weight, size, and compactness. Good camping tools are lighter and smaller, and some even fold to maximize your camping backpack space. All these qualities are for making backpacking a lot easier by saving weight and space. Camping tools are handy for camping tasks such as cutting wood for the campfire, cutting rope for clotheslines, clearing paths, starting campfires and other important things. Some of these tools are camping knives, camping shovels, screwdrivers and many others. Often, these come in camping survival kits.

However, one important camping tool may not be included in these kits, although it can prove very useful when obtained individually for chopping wood and other thicker things and this is the camping ax.

Camping axes are better than camping knives when it comes to heavy duty cutting because you’re not limited to twigs. You can chop thicker pieces of wood with it, and you can do so in a smaller amount of time. Having a camping ax with you can save you time and effort when it comes to your wood cutting tasks at camp and, therefore, it can make your camping vacation more enjoyable.

Camping axes are quite sharp, so it’s best to look for one that comes with a sheath for you and your other gear’s protection. Sheaths will prevent ax heads from ripping through your pack and scratching your other stuff. Here are some first camping axes with protective sheaths included to make storage safer and easier.

Gerber 45905 Camp Axe With Sheath

When it comes to very sturdy handles and long-lasting sharpness, Gerber is one of the biggest names you can trust. This camping ax guarantees you maximum satisfaction with its heavy duty construction. It features a Swedish forged head made of steel that will retain it sharpness for a long time even with frequent use. It’s also rust-proof so you can use it in any weather and even in rough conditions. As for safety, you can be confident with its sturdy fiberglass polymer handle that’s unbreakable. This camping ax measures only less than two feet (18 inches)and weighs only a couple of pounds which makes it convenient for backpackers. To provide it with protection and ensure you and your staff’s safety as well, this camping ax comes with a ballistic nylon sheath

Tomahawk Full Tang Camp Combat Axe with Nylon Sheath

This camping features a noticeably heavy duty construction that just suits any tough cutting job in the outdoors. It’s made of lightweight yet durable and rust-proof stainless steel with a black baked finish that won’t let you down any day. For a sure hold that will help prevent accidents, this camping axe gives you a handle wrapped with nylon cord for a non-slip grip. To maximize your use of this tool, you can also remove the nylon cord and use it as an emergency rope whenever a situation calls for it. This camping ax measures less than a foot long (8 1/2 inches), so it’s easy to store along with your other camping tools. It also comes with a black nylon sheath for easier and safer storage.

Camp Ax – Molded Sheath – Clam

This camping ax is made for tough work. It’s durable, efficient, and convenient. It features a forged blade made of carbon steel that won’t break even with the strongest hits and will stay sharp for a long time. This one’s something to have in handy if you’re tired of cutting tools that easily get dull. This camping ax also has an excellent handle made with Kraton rubber, and this makes for a safer and surer hold, so you prevent accidents caused by slippages. This one maintains your firm grip even if you’ve got hands that easily get sweaty. This camping ax measures only 11 inches and weighs only three pounds. It comes with a hard, molded plastic sheath that keeps your other camping gear safe while it’s stored in your backpack.

Gerber 45907Sport Axe

Like its trusted Gerber brothers, this axe packs in superb quality and maximum convenience. It measures 18 inches and weighs only a couple of pounds. It’s got a head made of rust-proof forged steel which offers you long-lasting sharpness and high performance. This way, you spend less time for sharpening, and you are more assured of a job well done. This camping ax is also engineered in a certain way that gives it a balanced feel, and this gives you more comfort when wielding it. It also has a fiberglass polymer handle that won’t break even in the hardest of hits. When not in use, you can store this ax in the ballistic sheath that comes with it before storing it in your camping bag for your protection.

Gerber 45912 Back Axe with Sheath

Here’s another camping axe that’s very valuable to have in the outdoors. This axe measures only approximately 9 inches and weighs only a couple of pounds. If you’re planning to build a campfire, cook on with a grill or a Dutch oven, or go hunting, don’t forget to bring this with you. This camping ax features a forged steel blade that stays sharp for a very long time to save you time, effort and money for sharpening. It also features an unbreakable handle made of glass-filled nylon which not only provides you with a sure and comfortable grip. It also holds the axe head securely so it doesn’t fly off while you’re at work and cause accidents. Get a balanced feel cutting wood while finishing your task with efficient strikes. This product also comes with a sheath to make storage a lot easier and safer.

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