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How to Choose the Best Survival Knife : 9 things to consider

What is a Survival Knife?

Survival knife is a special kind of knife which is widely used by campers, hunters, military and survival experts. A survival knife is much more sharp, durable, strong, effective and long lasting than an ordinary home or chef’s knife. The military, Hunters and campers use this kind of knives for multiple kinds of tasks like chopping woods, cutting trees to clear their way, hunt, collect food and water and many other things depending on the situation when they are in jungle. A survival knife is considered as the most important outdoor and camping gear.

A survival knife is specially made to do multiple kinds of tasks which is not possible with an ordinary knife such as-

  • Self-defense
  • Splitting wood
  • Building shelter
  • Making fire
  • Batoning
  • Chopping
  • Hammering
  • Hunting
  • Preparing food

The usability of a survival knife depends on its quality and type of the knife. So it is important to carefully choose the survival knife for your particular needs.

Major Specifications to find in a Survival Knife

There are a lot of so called survival knives in the market which is not at all suitable for a survival situation and can be a complete disaster. A low quality imitation survival knife is a threat to your life when you have to survive in a deep forest. So it is a good idea to be prepared with a high quality survival knife which is strong, sharp, reliable and capable of doing a lot of tasks which are very much important in a survival condition. And it should be affordable also. To find the appropriate survival knife for your specific kind of task, you have to know a little about what things make the best quality survival knife.

9 Things to Choose the Best Survival Knife

Knife Tang

There are many kinds of knife tangs. But the most popular knives are full tang and the survival experts also prefer full tang knives. There are many advantages of using a full tang knife.Full tang indicates that the blade and handle is one continuous piece of metal. Suitable materials are typically attached to the handle for a more comfortable grip. A full tang knife is much stronger than other types of tangs such as the push tang, rat-tail tang or half tang.The profile of a full tang blade is much more generous than rat-tail tang.

Fixed Blade or Folding knife

Both the fixed blade and folding knives have their own advantages and disadvantages. But most people found the fixed blade knives more reliable and professional. The folding knives do not need a sheath and takes less space than a full size fixed blade knife. But a fixed blade knife is more appropriate for chopping and batoning woods which are very common tasks to do in a survival situation. I recommend a best quality fixed blade survival knife but if you found an extraordinary folding knife then you can go for it.

Serrated edge

I usually never buy a survival knife without a serrated edge. Survival knives without a serrated edge are seems to be incomplete. You can easily cut ropes, cloth, seat belt, leather and other things like these with a sharp serrated edge blade. So it is essential and you must not make any compromise with this. A serrated edge is a sign of best quality survival knives.

Solid Handle

There are some survival knives on the market which have a hollow handle and you can store some small things like a fire starter inside it. Never buy this kind of knives. Because it has a good chance to be broken in an extreme situation this is not so good for you and can make a great trouble. These types of knives are also not full tang. So if the handle is broken, you cannot use it anymore and you have nothing to do with the blade except throw it in the garbage. So find a solid handle knife, if you want a great survival knife.

Reliable Blade material

Technology has given us a lot of reliable and strong metals. But all of these materials are not suitable for a survival knife. A survival knife has to be strong and tough. But not so strong that makes possibility of a broken blade or uncomfortable for sharpen. Today the 1095 Carbon Steel blades are most popular and my favorite also.  The other types of good materials are – 5160 Carbon steel, 1095 High Carbon Alloy RC-58, VG-10 stainless steel, Laminated Stainless Steel, 1095 Cro-Van steel, 420HC stainless steel and more. Try to know a little more about the blade material before you buy a survival knife.

Overall length and size of the knife

This thing depends on what you are intended to do with your survival knife. But a six to eight inch blade is good enough to do nearly all kinds of survival tasks. The overall knife size should be between 12 to 14 inches. This dimension is for only to help you estimate a comfortable survival knife size and is not a must. It varies depending on individuals. But it will be a good idea to physically check your survival knife to make sure if you will be comfortable with this survival knife. The blade thickness should be 1/8 of an inch. The survival knife must have a thick spine to make batoning easier.

Finger guard

Survival knives blade is razor sharp and it is very much possible to slip the hand out of the knife handle in a wet environment. A small type of injury in a survival situation can be deadly. So, any type of finger guard will be good for you.


The pommel is also called a butt. It is a hard part at the end of the handle. Pommel can be used as a hammer and it is a important thing if you need to make a hut in the jungle with small branches of trees. You can hammer them inside the ground with the pommel. You can also use it to break the glass if you got stuck inside a car or if you have to rescue someone else.


The survival knife must include a top quality sheath with it so that you can protect it from harmful objects. A sheath is a must for your safety. The sheath must have the option to attach it with your leg or belt.

Why you need the Best Survival Knife

I think you know the importance of a good quality survival knife. A survival knife can make the difference between life and death. And it did. There are a lot of true stories of survival where a survival knife played the major role. No foolish is out there to go to camping or hunting in wild with an ordinary survival knife and risk his life. Since you are reading this, I think you are much advanced and can find the best survival knife for you which will not break when you try to throw it or chop wood.

For your instance, 2016 marked the highest number of disasters for the United States–totaling in at 91 according to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The disasters in 1953 were only 13, and it has been much more increased. Despite our advancements in equipment, transportation, medication and travel, thousands of people across the globe have to face disaster and its cruel costs each year. Thousands of people are thrust into unexpected and capricious life or death situations where survival relies on skill, awareness and the tools on hand.

So, it is a very wise decision to keep important survival gears close by–as backup. One of your most important survival tools is a best quality survival knife.This blade has carved itself a fundamental place in man’s survival history. Today we are here because our great ancestors used a great handmade knife to hunt and to keep themselves safe.  For thousands of years, man has relied on a cutting tool of to help meet essential survival needs: water, shelter, fire and food. Now, in our new world, we refer to this kind of knives as the survival knife. It has undoubtedly earned that name. However, not all survival knives now on the market are created equal. So you have to be careful if you are serious about your survival.

Things to consider before you buy a survival knife

Before you buy the knife of your choice, you have to ask some questions yourself. Think about what you are going to do with this knife. Is it suitable for your job or is it made to do this kind of things? The knife must meet the characteristics of a survival knife as I mentioned earlier. What about the customer satisfaction? Read the customer reviews carefully before you buy anything. Is it a reliable survival knife brand?
You can find the best survival knife of your choice if you consider these things before buying a survival knife.

Types of Survival knives

There are many kinds of survival knives like fixed blade, folding, Bowie, tanto, kukri, machetes, hunting and tactical knives. Each knife has its own job like the machetes are heavy which is suitable for cutting woods and can be helpful if you want to go to deep inside a forest. Bowie knives feature clip point which is suitable for piercing. Hunting knives are very sharp, suitable for throwing and skinning. You should buy a knife according to the tasks you are going to do.

The bottom line

Hope these things will help you to choose your survival knife on the market. You can read reviews of best survival knives so that it will help you to make decision about which survival knife is the best.
Please don’t forget to make a comment. Your valuable comments are our inspiration.

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