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KA-BAR Knives: An American Classic

Ka-Bar Knives are manufactured by KA-BAR Knives, Inc., which is a Cutco Corporation subsidiary company. They are best known for making high end military, sporting, outdoor survival, hunting, and all-purpose utility knives.

They sell over 100 different top quality cutlery products and accompanying accessories which they sell using independent distributors, retailer, online stores and mail order catalogs. The origin of the name Ka-Bar was from a legendary bear trapper. He went out to trap a bear, but when he was out in the wild, a bear came and attacked him. During the event of protecting himself, his gun failed to fire off as it had jammed. He then used his knife to kill the bear. He then wrote down some words, which those who found him could only make out “k a bar” since his handwriting was not legible.

The company then proceeded and named their lines of knife products after what he wrote down, and that was the birth of Ka-BarKnives. The company makes various types of knives, ranging from military-type tactical knives to pistol bayonets. Perhaps what makes the Ka-Bar Knife top quality knife is the fact that a lot of talent and experience of highly experienced craftsmen performing numerous processes with high precision and skill go into making the knives.

Each individual knife is passed through rigorous manufacturing procedures which make sure they are strong, resistant to corrosion, they have great edge holding ability and their cutting edges are sharp like a razor out of the box. The Ka-Bar Knives were introduced back in the 1920’s, and it became a renowned trademark throughout the world. Although there have been quite so many versions of the story of how the name Ka-Bar came to be. But all of these theories always pay tribute to the letter written by the fur trapper.

The fur trapper scribbled in very poor English, that he was out hunting when a wounded bear attacked him. He tried to shoot the bear but his gun jammed and had to use his knife to kill the bear. He later on wrote a thanks tribute to the company for making such a quality knife. However all that was legible of what he had written was “k a bar”. The company upon receiving the news was so honored by that testimony and ever since adapted phrase in describing their knives and trademarked the name KA-BAR, and it came permanently known as Ka-Bar Knives.

What makes Ka-Bar knives popular is their suitability for outdoor survival activities.

Things that make Ka-Bar Knives Great:
• They have a fixed blade which makes the quite durable than when compared to folding knives.
• They also have a full tang which makes them much stronger when subjected to high stress levels as compared to partial tang knives.
• They are also made in a comfortable and non-slip handle. A good grip on your knife determines how effective you will be in using it.
• They are also made of thick blade, which makes them long lasting and stronger. They can also stand up to intense wear and tear.
• They have a suitable length of 4 to 6 inches which is the recommended length for any survival knife.

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