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Type Of Knifes

Kershaw Knives are some of the most innovative and popular knives in the knives industry. On top of that they’re made here in the U.S. and headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon.

From award-winning technologies and advanced materials to the solid sound of the blade lockup, when you’re carrying a Kershaw, you know you’re carrying the real thing.

Kershaw has a wide variety of American made folding and fixed blade knives for all types of outdoor activities. Many of the folding knives have the Ken Onion’s “Speed Safe” patented mechanism which incorporated torsion bar technology which assists in opening the knife. Of course, in addition to knives, Kershaw makes a wide variety of products such as the axes, machetes, and multitools.

10 Great Kershaw Knives

Price Guide: $ = Under $50, $$ = $51-100, $$$ = Over $100

Knife Model
Blade Length (inches)
Weight (ounces)
Blade Material
Kershaw Skyline 3.125 2.3 Sandvik 14C28N $
Kershaw Leek 3 2.4 Sandvik 14C28N $
Kershaw Asset 3.25 3.8 8CR13MoV $
Kershaw Blackout 3.25 3.5 Sandvik 14C28N $$
Kershaw 1082 3.25 3.6 Sandvik 14C28N $
Kershaw 1085 Diskin 4.625 5.4 Sandvik 14C28N $
Kershaw Funxion EMT 3 5 8Cr13MoV $
Kershaw Cryo II 3.25 5.5 8Cr13MoV $
Kershaw 3850 3 4.8 8Cr13MoV $
Kershaw 1830 OSO 3 3.2 8Cr13MoV $

More Knives by Kershaw

Kershaw Asset (pictured above): The Asset has an assisted opening mechanism and is one of the best pocket knife series made by Kershaw. It’s light weight, high-quality, convenient and will easily fit into your everyday activities. The Asset is also reasonably priced and stylishly designed.

Kershaw Blackout (pictured above): The Blackout series are some first to feature Ken Onion’s SpeedSafe innovation. It has a stainless-steel blade and is coated with scratch-resistant Tungsten DLC which makes it non-reflective and very attractive.

Kershaw Blur: It is an incredible and highly multitasking pocket knife. It not only looks good but it is made of the best and highest quality materials. It is definitely one of the best knives to walk around with. It has a smooth and one-handed opening, all of the Blur series have the SpeedSafe equipped in them.

Kershaw Brawler: Considering the price this knife is sold at, it has great functionality and it is quite stylish. It also comes with the SpeedSafe opening assistance. It is made for robust piercing by having a modified tanto styled tip which is made quite thick.

Kershaw Burst: These pocket knives open quit quickly and when holding them, they have a very solid feel and have liners under their handle materials. The knife’s blade style is quite aggressive. They are also quite affordable considering that they are quite well built and effective.

Kershaw Camp: This is perhaps the ideal Kershaw Knives outdoor and survival knife. It can handle various tedious jobs such as clearing bush and other heavy duty outdoor tasks. It can be used for slashing, cutting, splitting, scraping and splitting, which makes it quite ideal for just about any task. It has a full-tang made of carbon tool steel which makes it quite tough and easy to maintain.

Kershaw Chill: This is a full size folder at a great price for a pocketknife. It is designed by RJ Martin, which is made with a convenient flipper which will open it to full size blade. Although this knife does not have assisted opening, it opens quite easily and very fast.

Kershaw Clash: These knives are full sized and have assisted opening. They are also comfortable and have a great style. The blade is quite wide and its handle fits quit comfortably in the hands.

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