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Similar to other knife companies Crkt has their standard blades, but unlike most companies, Crkt has a particular line of incredibly unique knives. Founded in 1994 they are a relatively new company, and still, bring quality to the game. They are an American based company, that is established in Oregon.

Their ability to incorporate uniqueness into a trade where the standard is essential is impeccable. The most amazing thing, however, is that their unique knives are not just for looks, but each is specialized for critical tasks.

What Kinds of Unique?

Their blades have the uniqueness of all sorts. They span from side folding blades to double blades and even go around the corner to self-sharpening blades! Another unique part of their blades is that they have unique lock functions as well. Some of which have never been seen in the knife industry before.

The Kiss Two Timer

The KISS Two Timer Model is one of Cricket’s really creative knives. It has two blades incorporated into it. One bigger and one smaller. This, of course, would give the benefit of having both a big and small blade. The amazing thing about this knife is that the lower edge pockets into, the larger blade! You are capable of having either blade out at a time or both. The blades are both an average of 2.38 inches long.

The Turtle.

This is one of the funny little novelty knives. It is called Turtle and works great as a gift. The blade of this knife is exactly 1 inch long making it perfect for the major chains. They can even serve as a money clip! It is amazing that they can incorporate a quality blade into such a cool novelty item.  This knife would be exceptionally good at opening packages or other similar small tasks.

The Snap Lock

This is my second favorite out of the particular series. Not only does this knife have an excellent 2.5-inch blade, but it has an incredibly unique locking system. The way that these edge works are that it has a side folding system, making it extremely safe and sturdy to work with.

To open and close this knife you press the little swirl wheel and then slide the knife sideways into the handle. Because the handle is completely open to accommodate for the blade, it makes this knife extremely lightweight for carrying. Having owned this knife, I can say it is very nice. The only problem I have ever had is the clip is a little tight, but that is not a huge problem.

The Edge

This is by far my favorite model from the particular Crkt knives. It looks very ordinary but can sharpen itself upon the closing motions. Who wouldn’t want always to have a sharp knife? This knife is sporting an average of the 2.9-inch blade that is very sharp and high quality.

I think that Crkt has made an excellent innovation, and can eliminate one of the tedious hassles of knife care. This is a great carry for someone that does not know how to sharpen their knife. This even makes a good knife for somebody that finds themselves cutting packages or cardboard a lot with their pocket knife as these tasks make the blade dull fairly quickly.

Unmatched Creativity!

The ability that Crkt has to make some of the most creative knives and still keep high-quality blades is unmatched. There are many more unique Crkt products, but I showed which ones that I thought were the coolest and most useful. From their knives sharpening themselves, having double blades, or having cool keychain knives Crkt always has something new to offer. Hope this helps anything looking for more information about the Crkt brand.

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