SOG specialty knives and tools Seal Pup Elite Survival Knife Review

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SOG’s root was started in Vietnam where a highly trained US special commando unit carried a custom combat knife on secret missions. This unit was known as MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group) and its existence was once entirely denied by the US Government.

Several years later, that special knife encouraged a knife designer; Spencer Frazer to found SOG Specialty Knives in 1986. His aim was to reproduce the SOG Bowie knife with its original design and pay homage to the special ops unit that first created the core of SOG specialty knives and tools. SOG’s goal is to construct the most unique gears which made particularly for courageous people who like to “live on the edge”.
The Seal pup Elite is a best seller survival knife from SOG. This the most accepted survival knifeamong the survivalists, hunters and campers. Whether you’re protecting yourself or others, backpacking, participating on a grand hunting trip, dealing with life’s daily challenges or facing your most ruthless situations yet, guide the way with SOG.


This knife will be perfect for-

  • Outdoor survival
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Hunting


General Specifications

  • Overall length 9.4”
  • Blade length 4.8”
  • Handle length 4.6”
  • Blade thickness 0.19”
  • Sharp serrated edge
  • AUS8 stainless steel blade with black TiNi (Titanium Nitrite) coating
  • Rugged and durable Zytel handle
  • Weight 5.4 ounce
  • Hard side Kydex sheath



  • Perfect shape and weight
  • Full tang blade made from AUS 8A stainless steel
  • Well balanced shape supports every task you want to do
  • Comfortable handle with rubber finish provides good grip
  • Strong pommel
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry



  • Sheath rusts quickly in wet environment
  • Not made in the USA
  • Little bit pricey.

Quality and Usability
This is an excellent survival knife for all the tasks you can think of. The blade is razor sharp right out of the box and you can quickly hone it using a sharpening stone whenever needed. The knife comfortably fits in hand. You may have a super sharp blade but if the design of the blade is not perfect and comfortable, you can’t do your tasks easily. From this perspective, the SEAL PUP Elite is extremely well designed and very much comfortable to operate.

The AUS 8A stainless steel with cryogenic heat treatment and TiNi Coating on the blade makes it even stronger and durable. The steel has gone through Cryogenic Heat Treatment process that ensures the blade will stay sharp and strong over the long haul. The heat treatment process takes more than 48 hours by reducing the heat to less than -300 degrees, then slowly heating the blade to normal temperature. The pressure produced from this method strengthens the steel on an atomic level and amplifies the blade’s overall toughness and edge retention.The pommel of this elite forces knife is extremely strong and can be used as a regular hammer.

Perfect razor sharp blade, comfortable handle, lightweight design and extremely good quality make this knife my favorite. The seal pup elite will be a great survival knife for you. You must buy one for yourself if you don’t have it already.


The SOG seal pup elite includes a tough and well made Kydex sheath. Very easy to keep the knife in it and it do not have much weight. I prefer to attach it with my backpack and it also looks nice.
There is nothing much to say about this great survival knife. Now it is your turn. Tell me what you think about SOG seal pup elite survival knife.



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